All right! It looks like we have a new project – Diesel-Electric Propulsion Set for the new 72 m Luxurious Yacht for the Russian Client. We will create absolutely new Electrical Pods, Bow thrusters, Stabilizers and Brand new Power Station.      

As you can see this particular project has huge openings at transom area. It means automatically that you cannot use Azipods because they required a lot of space for steering modules and even more space for an aircooling system!


This is always a good idea to start working on new boat project when you have a Client.
No arguing with it. From another side it is no reason to waiting one and do nothing.
We are working on New heavy displacement boat project. It is going to be the Best one.
Many years ago we designed and built ten 55′ boats on former Soviet Union Navy Shipyard
(using some old aircraft-carriers technology, steel etc.). 


Now it’s time to redesign this boat and create the PERFECT BOAT. 


We know that marine and specially yacht’s market is looking for a economical small (100-300 HP) electrical drive with high maneuverability. We are working on it. And we are ready to show it to public…. in 2021!

SNOOKER 55 HULL #03 2000