I saw the angel in the marble and carved
until I set him free.

– Michelangelo –

Advanced Naval Architecture
Many professionals will say that Naval Architecture is Art. Just as many will say that Naval Architecture is Science. So which is it? In my opinion, Naval Architecture is Science and Art and even a bit of Religion. How do I know how to properly solve a problem? I just feel it. But my feelings are based on the rigorous education, modern technical knowledge and more than 35 years of experience.

Project Management 
Whether you design or build a new vessel or have a refit project, project management is the cornerstone of success. The tiniest problem with cash flow or manpower, or procurement increase the cost of the project dramatically. We offer our clients the expertise in project planning and controlling on all stages of the process, from complete solutions to clean up of someone else’s mess.

Another very important part of our engineering services is Calculations. We do Resistance, Stability, Structural, Weight, Propulsion, Speed, Range, Gross Tonnage and other calculations.

Financial Cost Model and Price Calculation
Everybody want to know how much he or she need to spend to build The Dream Yacht or vessel in most effective way, not to be a cow which will be milked endlessly. Our financial specialists do FCM for shipbuilders more than 20 years. We will provide all information about the best shipbuilders, suppliers, contractors etc.