Aircraft-carriers.These serve in the Russian, Chinese and Indian Navies.

Navy or Commercial Shipbuilding? Roll-on/roll-off (RORO or ro-ro) vessel VLADIMIR VASLYAYEV was build in former Soviet Union as Commercial RORO vessel and was heavily
modified in 1999 to prepositioning USN Ship LCpl Roy M. Wheat.

Oil tankers.
Our specialists were involved in designing and building oil tankers in Ukraine for a Greek client.


Fishing Factory Ships. Our specialists were involved in designing and building a production line for Fishing Factory Ships manufacture. The Production Line was designed to have a Factory Ship completed every 4 month.

We have experience in the Tug Boat design and building.
Our new design will be on our New Projects page soon

Heavy displacement motor yacht with steel hull designed and built by us

Steel hull sail boats made possible due to our experience with designing
and building steel ships

Fast aluminum super yacht project re-engineered and converted into 3D parametric SolidWorks model Stabilizer foundations FEA conducted using COSMOS

Example of us remotely designing an aluminum boat for a Canadian client,  first time builder, who successfully completed  the project with our very detailed drawings and 3D renders


This project is also a good argument for how stylish aluminum boats can be.
Often clients and boat-builders ask for simple form to ease the building process.
You have to remember – making the boat beautiful will not add much time to the build,
but many people will use and enjoy it for many years.   

The design for this project was created by our colleagues from Albatross Marine
Design, but to register these catamarans in Russia for commercial use,
shipowner asked us to prepare all the documentations in accordance with
the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping Rules.   


Another specialty of our company is the vessel modernization. We do
engineering, project management, production of a special or unique
equipment, procurement and installation of systems as
“turn-key” projects or we can do any separate
part of modernization.   

[                       We also designed special heave lifting equipment for dry dock operations and created                                          new systems for diesel-electric drive upgrades. 

Re-engineering and creating 3D parametric models from Autocad drawings is one of
our regular services.  Now, when Subchapter M moves into final phase,
we are ready to prepare documentations for the USCG approval.  

Another example of the re-engineering and creating 3D parametric models from
the already built vessel and AutoCAD drawings. For the next step we can create
files for CNC cutting of the longitudinal and transverse frames and hull skin plating
or we can create files for CNC mold machining.